Kelly Ireland

Drums and Vocals

Kelly is the mastermind behind the band, bringing the original members together in 2014. His vision was to form a Classic Rock quartet of high quality musicians who were all capable of singing lead and harmony vocals. He is a technical and solid drummer, forming a strong backbone for the band. A seasoned and experienced Musician, Kelly grew up in Grand Junction, CO


Mike Manning 

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Originally from Boston, Mike ultimately found his way to Colorado via Florida and joined the Midnight Growlers Band in August 2016. His distinctive style of guitar playing and incorporation of synthesized sounds give the band a style that is totally unique. 

Steve Haywood 

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Born and raised in Newmarket, UK, Steve is an original Midnight Growler, being recruited by Kelly into the Bass seat at the inception of the band in 2014. A seasoned musician, Steve has lived and worked in USA sine 2006 and has 40 years of live music experience.

Bob Sacatelli

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Bob is the newest member of the Midnight Growlers Band. Raised in New Jersey, Bob assumed Lead Guitar and vocal duty for the band in December 2017 and has 30+years experience playing guitar and working in some of the top bands in the NJ area.